Chriss Family

Chriss Family are a family run business, operating half a dozen IGA stores across Sydney. Their 'Community First' value is rooted in their DNA and reflects the work they have done over the decades for their local communities.

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The Brief

CF People operate 6 stores! So, ideally they were in need of an app that will help the admin and store managers to manage staff, tasks, budgets, ordering, delivering, training, staff incentive program plus much more.

A total of 86 pages.

A beast.

The Work
Map of wireframes of the app


Andrew from Chriss Fam IGA joined us many nights to develop the wireframes and the user journey.

The user journey is something we constantly look to improve throughout the duration of this ongoing project.

App Screenshot 1

Core Functions

The app operates on 3 key user levels. Admin, Store Managers & Floor Staff. Each with their own Dashboard, Calendar, Profile and Training modules.

Each user level has access to specific set of modules. These modules combined, help the admin manage tasks across all 3 levels.

Admin set up stores, add staff, create KRAs, tasks and procedures to initiate the app. Once this is setup and Store Managers and Staff are allocated to correct stores then the Store Manager has the tools to allocate operational tasks to Staff rostered. The roster is fed through a 3rd party app.

Further more, Store Managers are capable of auditing, ordering and receiving deliveries which is measured against their daily margins.

App Screenshots
App Screenshots
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