Chriss Family IGA

Chriss Family IGA are a family run business, operating half a dozen IGA stores across Sydney. Their 'Community First' value is rooted in their DNA and reflects the work they have done over the decades for their local communities.

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The Brief

The guys at CF IGA revamped their delivery service during covid to cater to the needs of the crisis. This meant that we had to rebuild their online service and also design supporting collateral to promote the freshly upgraded services, including a fleet of delivery vans.

The Work
Key Art

Key Visual / Ax Poster

First, we designed a Key Visual to be used for other pieces of the campaign.

We created an illustration to easily communicate contact-less delivery service and to keep it friendly for their audience.

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Page by page, we are rolling out a revamped website, starting off with the various ways to order home delivery and an admin page for their suppliers.

Supplier Admin

Chriss Fam work with a number of suppliers who frequently submit new product lines, price updates on already existing products, submit promotions and book visits to see store managers in person.

We designed a simple functioning admin which dispatches submitted items in excel formats for the admin ladies at Chriss Fam to process with ease.

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Van Wrap

From concept to print. Chriss Fam wanted something fun and reflect the key visual in terms of style and treatment.

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