Sumo Drinks

SUMO Energy Drink is a natural energy drink without bubbles, sugar and guilt! They've entered the Aussie market in recent years, launching in WA.

Check them out here.

The Brief

Sumo needed visuals and branding for their launch campaign. They approached Neom Agency to manage their account who turned to us to develop concepts and executions.

The brief was to design a fun, natural and refreshing visual showcasing the product range.

The Work
Sumo - Key Visual

Key Visual / Ax Posters

Our approach was to create colourful visual sitting on a white background filled with fun, energetic elements.

The visual was rendered in Cinema 4D and retouched in Photoshop.
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Trust the process

The main elements were composited in Cinema 4D. Retouching done using Photoshop

Scroll sideways to see.

3D Mesh of Can Scene
3D Render of can scene
Final product
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