SHAPE Australia

SHAPE has been bringing spaces to life for 30 years.
They have offices in each major Aussie city, doing innovative fit outs across Australia.

Check them out here.

The Brief

SHAPE approached us to do quite a few tasks, mainly relating to fixing their website; starting off with a redesign of the main banner on the Main page & People page followed by design and development of SHAPE Minimums Standards App.

The Work
Shape - Main Banner Design

Main Page Banner

After reviewing theprevious design, we figured out that the main focus should be the image by removing the dark gradient covering it. This made way for the project name to be hosted inside a branded container.

Click image to expand.

Shape People's website revamp.

People Page Banner

Tidied up overlapping issues and bunch of other structural issues. We added some more branded containers to host the page headline.

Click image to expand.

Shape Minimum Standards App

'SHAPE Minimum Standards' App

Took an interactive PDF and turned it in to a Web App. The Web App is developed to help the contractors follow Shape's standards when they're working with Shape.

SHAPE Minimums Standards App is currently available in all major stores including Apple and Android. Who said getting a PWA approved in IOS was impossible?

The main challange was to get an app built quickly and efficiently. This is why we decided to do a progressive web app with a CMS so that Shape were able to update and edit content.

This project was deilvered within 2 months, the app store apporval process being half of this.

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